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    Locked device (Xperia Z)


      Not too sure if there's much can be done about this, but might as well ask.


      When I replaced my (Xperia Z) phone a while back, I removed the SIM and put it into my new phone (Samsung S5) before disabling the McAfee Security installed on the Xperia Z.The issue isn't that I don't remember my PIN etc but that the displayed keypad to input the PIN has no way for me to click <Enter> or the equivalent. Basically, the button is behind the keypad that pops up when you click into the field to enter the password and inaccessible.


      Right now I have the Xperia Z unpowered (I have the scream turned on).


      Just wondering if there is a solution to this or if this has been reported before?

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                         It being Christmas Day I am uncertain if our Resident Tech would be available. Until someone with more expertize in this area picks up this thread. I would advise that you contact Mobile Support, as it is Free. And explain your situation to them.  Services and Support for Home and Office



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            Hi jodome,

            Just checking if you have tried "Reset Password" , "Forgot Password" were they functional? Also in order to hide the Keypad you can tap the "Back key" once (Usually a curved arrow for most Android phones)

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              Thanks catdaddy and selvan - will try using the back key. The issue is not the password (I still know it), just that I couldn't submit it. Will give it a go and let you know how I get on (can't now though as kids are asleep and screaming phone might not go down well )

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                Think its working again but not really sure why. The back key on an Xperia Z is covered by the McAfee Security keypad. It stopped and sent a message to 50190 (I think). Hope it doesn't decide to start later but looks like its factory reset (which would kind of make sense since my SIM is active for McAfee Security in a new phone.


                Thanks for the assistance, I would never even have bothered trying without the suggestions.