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    Do I need Antivirus Software for my phone? Why McAfee Mobile Security?

      • The report by Blue Coat, a web security and optimization company, says compared to PC, a user is three times more likely to accidentally download Malware when using a mobile device to look up x-rated material.
      • Most of the Malware is written with financial motivation.

      Why McAfee Mobile Security?


      • Block any new malware infestations
      • Ensure that you are installing genuine app like app from your bank
      • Scan your system and warn you of any apps that have privacy issues
      • Protect sensitive applications like your email or Facebook account.
      • Monitor the device's location
      • Create different profiles that only display the apps you designate
      • Lock down a phone that may be lost or stolen
      • Backup your contacts, photos, and call history, and restore to the same device or a new device.
      • Block calls and texts from specific phone numbers