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    MEG 7.6 "Spam Terms"


      I'm in the process of building our MEG 7.6 appliance to replace our v6.7.2 appliance.  Technical support converted our custom dictionaries and I successfully imported those into the new environment.  My intuition tells me to setup these dictionaries  in complaince (just like in the old system) at the following location:


      Email > Email Policies (SMTP) > Compliance (Column) > Compliance


      However, I noticed that there is also a place in the spam configuration where you can use dictionaries for the definition of "spam terms"...


      Email > Email Policies (SMTP) > Spam (Column) > Spam > Spam: Score >= 10.0: Drop the data > Spam Terms (Tab)


      What's the difference and has documentation for v7.6 been released yet?  Thanks!