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    Problem with new update of Anti Virus Ver 16.8

      I have 4 computers on a home network.  Two computers have updated to Ver 16.8 no problem.  They are running Windows Vista and Windows 8.  The other two computers are both running XP.  One of the XP computers will not update at all to Ver 16.8 and the other one updated to Ver 16.8, but the real time scanner will not stay On.  My ISP is Brighthouse.


      The computer that is not updating is at the update screen and the icons is rotating as if downloading, but it remains 0% complete.


      The computer that will not turn the real time scanner on allows you to turn it on, but it shuts it off again.  If it is rebooted, it says the McAfee has a updated to install, Ok, it then installs it and the the real time scanner goes off.


      Any ideas?