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    Why doesn't McAfee implement DeepSafe anti-malware technology for the home PC user?



      McAfee has developed an important new anti-malware technology called "DeepSafe", which makes use of a special hardware virtualization input provided on Intel Core i3 i5 and i7 processors.  DeepSafe technology powers the McAfee enterprise product known as Deep Defender.  The specifications for LiveSafe are vague but imply that this consumer product exploits special features of the Intel Core processors.  I purchased a new Dell Inspiron PC featuring the Core i3 processor and a one year license for LiveSafe.  Now, I have been informed that LiveSafe does not implement the DeepSafe technology, which may be the most effective means for the home user to defend against sophisticated malware.


      I urge McAfee to do one of the following:


      1)  Implement DeepSafe technology, including VTx hardware virtualization, for home PC LiveSafe subscribers, or


      2)  Sell Deep Defender to home users at an appropriate price (it is only sold to businesses with at least 11 PC's)


      I volunteer as a beta testing site for either of the above.  Thank you.