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    Web gateway 5000 ou 5500


      We are testing the Webgateway 7.3 in our enterprise and we need to decide whish device to buy.


      We have almost 1500 Users.


      Do we need the 5500 or the 5000 will be enough?


      Where i can find performance details about these devices?


      Any official documentation or datasheet that shows these details?



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          from a gut's feeling the 5k will be sufficient. However, a detailed sizing can be done by our SEs and partners.

          What we need to know is the number od requests per second that you are producing, or at leas the bandwidth used for internet traffic (http, https, ftp).



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            I will try to get these details from our Squid/Firewalls guys,

            BUt attached is the Webgateway report for couple of users that are using the webgateway since the test was conducted.


            These users are all within the HR department. and this is a report of yesterday browsing.... can we say that the hit per user is somehow 500 and multiply by 1500 users?

            The hits that are shown in these report can be helpful? Hits.jpg

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              Today in the end of the day we will get both the Hits and bandwidth used in a normal workign day.


              unfortunately our Squid does not have any application that saves these hits/bandwidth so we need to see it live in the end of the day.