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    Error code 0xc4010000 - Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders

      Hi all, I have recently set up McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.1.7.0 on a server at work, and successfully deployed the client to a notebook PC (Win XP Pro SP3).

      Everything worked fine then, however after setting up and installing the Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders on the client PC, I keep getting prompted for a McAfee Endpoint Encryption Logon (doesnt accept the one I entered in the pre-boot logon), and it keeps giving an error saying:

      Error code: 0xc4010000
      Description: The user name does not currently exist in the local database and the network database cannot be reached at this time.

      I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, resynchronizing, and recreating the policies and encryption keys, but must be doing something wrong! Can someone PLEASE help :confused:

      Many thanks for your time grin