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    EEPC Activation takes from one to eight hours

      Hello everyone,


      right now we are deploying EEPC 6.2 to our clients. We can see that the activation of EEPC sometakes takes only one hour and sometimes it takes up to eight hours. Someone told me this is an expected bahavior but I would still like to ask you: Shouldn't EEPC activate during one or two ASCI (in our environment ASCI interval is set to 1 hour)?


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          yes, as long as the machine can do an asic - did you check the mfeepe.log for any errors?

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            Hi Safeboot,

            yes and basically it says:

            2013-01-21 11:39:06,511 ERROR   MfeEpePcEncryptionProviderPlugin     Initialization failed.

            2013-01-21 11:43:12,259 ERROR   EpoPlugin                            enforceUserPolicy: No policy store.

            "enforceUserPolicy: No policy store" comes in an one hour interval for a period of time and then the activaten somehow works and the following event is generated in "EE: Client Events Query":

            EventID 30031 - Endpoint Encryption - Automatic Booting Activated

            after a few seconds it says:

            EventID 30015 - Endpoint Encryption - Activation Start

            Unfortunately MfeEpe.log shows nothing at this time the Events 30015 or 30031 got generated

            thanks for you help,