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    Android use without Secure Container

    Pascal Lebrasseur


      Question is in the topic.

      We are in the process to authorize the use of Android devices in our environment. After testing with some employees, some complains about secure container emerged

      So, is it acceptable to use android devices without secure container?


      If so, is there a known best practice about using Android devices without secure container. IE using an AV for mobile device,etc


      thx a lot in advance for the input

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          Using androids without the secure container is a big risk since users can download apps from any market place and you can't confirm that all android devices utilize encryption or fully support activesync policies.  At a bare minimum I you should use the AV (which comes free with EMM), you also may want to limit it to approved models that fully support encryption and activesync policies.

          Personally I just tell people that they have an option between an iPhone or a secure container.  The secure container gets regular updates and is getting better.

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            Pascal Lebrasseur

            As always,

            Thx a lot for your fast response and well thought input M. Kordell


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