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    Non Compatible Products (List)


      What is the purpose of this list in Server Settings? What does it buy me? Will it prevent EEPC from installing on systems that have the named products?

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          Hi Anthony,


          It won't prevent installation, but it will prevent activation. The list contains rules used to detect products that if installed, might lead to a rather broken system if EEPC were to activate


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            Does this list also work for Macs as well? If so, I understand that FileVault will now be full disk encryption on Mountain Lion. Will this also be added to the list?

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              Hi Anthony,


              Currently Non Compatible products for mac listed under server settings are :


              1. PGP Whole disk Encryption for Mac

              2. Safegaurd for Mac

              3. Truecrypt for mac


              If any of the above products found to be installed on the system then EEMac fails to activate on these system until incompatible product is uninstalled from the system. Currently Apple's filevault2 ( FDE ) is not listed under this list. This might get added in the upcoming releases. However currently EEMac fails to activate on the system where Apple FileVault2( Full Disk Encryption ) is active and encrypted the disk.


              Hope this helps.

              Thank you,


              Anand Pandit.