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        These removal instructions were taken from DeleteMalware Blog post about Babylon toolbar. Uh-oh, someone needs to learn how to properly credit the author. I'm sure the folks at Babylon Software Ltd. should have done better

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          I see what you mean. Someone is plagiarising someone else.


          I gave the link to the place where I found the instructions, which was on the website of the company itself, and the screenshot was correctly attributed to the source. I sometimes forget to show where quotes or screenshots come from, but not this time.

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            To uninstall the Babylon  from Computer


            1: Click on Start Menu and Click on Control Panel, and then:


            2: On Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to "Uninstall Programs" under "Programs and Features ":


            In XP it is Add/Remvoe Programs.


            3: Select the Babylon  you wish to uninstall from the list and click "Uninstall":


            4: Follow the steps of the uninstaller application:


            To uninstall the Babylon  from Firefox


            1: On the Menu Bar, go to "Tools" -> "Addons":


            2: Select the Babylon  you wish to uninstall from the Extensions list - then click "Uninstall":


            3: When prompted to do so, restart Firefox:




            After this if you are still see the Babylon


            Press on Windows Key and R key together on the keyboard

            Now you will get a Run Window. Inside the Run window Type REGEDIT and press on Ok.

            Now you can see a Registry. (Be Care Full While using registry)


            Do note that editing the registry incorrectly may cause your computer to become unusable.


            Got to


            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Babylon  and delete Babylon

            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Babylon  and delete Babylon


            And restart the computer. Now it will be gone.


            Don't Forgot to change your home page to www.google.com after this fix



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              TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU....interesting enough Avast also does not recognise this Babylon either. What is really going on here?

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                Because Babylon is legitimate software, albeit pervasive software.   It's not a virus, trojan or worm so antivirus software wont do anything about it.   Read the earlier posts for various removal methods.   It installs as an option with other software, that's why you should always pay attention when downloading software to make sure there are no optional extras that need to be unchecked first.

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                  kenneth claus

                  YES, YES, YES, thankyou, thankyou. thankyou....You've done it, got rid of the B*ST*RD thing....that simple as well.

                  I was being told all manner of things....it must have sneaked in on a freebee...thankyou..marcefay.....it only came on anew tab.

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                    sad to see the mcafee forum still in denial over the issue and passing on incomplete or second-hand mostly useless knowledge about removal - oh it's badware just not macafee type badware. Pathetic. Most other major IT firms have taken it seriously.


                    Nice summary on the relevant wiki page:


                    Some software applications freely downloadable from the internet are also offered for download by CNET. Some of these "CNET versions" are actually wrapped inside other applications that install other pieces of software such as adware commonly referred to as PUP.CNET adware. In most instances the user has to specifically opt out, and the opt-out option is not clearly or immediately visible. Most malware software programs identify these wraps as potentially harmful and routinely identify them for removal or quarantine.


                    not only the cnet wiki but babylon wiki as well


                    On 7 August 2010, Microsoft antivirus products identified the software application as malware (identified as "Adware: Win32/Babylon") due to potentially intrusive behavior.[16] Sixteen days later, on 23 August 2010, Microsoft announced that Babylon Ltd. had modified the program and that it was no longer categorized as malware.[17] The Babylon browser toolbar has remained controversial, however. In December 2011, CNET's Download.com apologized for bundling the toolbar with open-source packages such as Nmap, a network auditing and penetration testing tool, and the VLC media player software. Some Download.com customers complained that the toolbar was unwanted and difficult to uninstall


                    Cnet's streetcred went down the tubes long ago. Once respected, they are now to be avoided like the plague. McAfee haven't done anything technically wrong, but would you trust such a dumb company for your antivirus??


                    Oh, and if anyone comes on this thread still screwed with babylon, you are quicker going elsewhere for robust solutions than wasting time on here.


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                      We are not in denial buit have only been trying to explain basically what you just posted.    It's a darned nuisance yes, but not really malware in itself.   Numerous links have been posted here and elsewhere on how to get rid of it.   Try searching for removal tips, there are hundreds on the net..   Babylon has a support section on their website too.

                      McAfee and other a/v makers can't label something malware just because it slips onto your machine unnoticed but could have been avoided had the additional download checkbox been unchecked.    Lots of software makers employ this practice as it helps pay the bills with the cross-advertising revenues.




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                        Iti may not be idenified as Malware but it is decietful as so many people have managed to download it without intending too and then having a teririble time getting rid of it. Absolutely intrusive and should be recognised as inappropriate trading or whatever you call such. And it doesnt help that people that are supposed to be protecting us from such are not taking it seriously.

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                          Until such time as Babylon proves to be actual malware there is nothing they/we can do except sympathize.


                          I refer you to the following posts:








                          In future I suggest you all watch for optional extras whenever you download anything at all, but especially when you are downloading software from a 3rd party website as they are pretty-well sure to have "extras" included which helps them keep their downloads free to you, the user.


                          McAfee, Norton, Avast et alia can't label something malware just because you don't want it.   Babylon is not malware.   Just go to their website, they have support.


                          http://www.babylon.com/   > Support or here: http://www.babylon.com/welcome/index?affID=10588&extra=555119763%2C15958443&text link=gkn15139&kw=babylon&kwid=keywordid&network=g&match=e&creat=6746294163&site= &p1=&p2=&conid=&pos=1t1&gclid=CLzfrY-D77ICFYw-MgodtQsAnQ

                          see the Uninstall and Contact Us links at the bottom of that page.


                          It's them you should be directing your fury at or the 3rd party download sites such as CNET etc.










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