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    MVM 7.0 logon error

      Hi folks,


      I've been using MVM 7.0 for sometime now.... recently i'm getting an error as shown below;


      The connection to the McAfee Vulnerability Manager API Service could not be made. Contact your administrator


      This error appears when i try to logon to the MVM interface using my Organization credentials.  I did verify on the environment regarding the foundstone/MVM services running.


      The FCM console also shows all the components stay connected.



      Have anyone come across such errors before? Pls advice of any solution here?  





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          hi Vishi,


          it seems you did confirm the API service IS running?  You can check the daily log on the API Server for any errors.  The log is located here:



          You might also try re-issueing cerfificates via the FCM.



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            I had a similar issue once and it was due to my drive space ( a recentr back up used most of the free space left on D). I freed up some space and was able to login after that.