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    Firewall won't stay on


      Just this week, my Firewall won't stay on.  I created my account here to see others experiences and, should my use of these or other suggestions work, to share my good fortune into the pot.  I'll check back, but just so others know, I used the tech article (I'm on a different PC, don't know the number) to Reset my Firewall to its defaults.  When I log out then back in, the Firewall stays on briefly then resumes going off a few seconds after I turn it back on.  I checked msconfig after my full scan cleared out a virus (I have the name on my NetBook; it's an odd one - very little info on the web), to be sure no unfamiliar executables are involved; I also used Task Manager to do a detailed tour of all Services for the same reason; nothing unusual.  Using an ACER Netbook, Windows 7, updates current, McAfee updates current.  Since these steps didn't solve the problem, I took McAfee Tech article advice & downloaded Stinger.  I'll share whether or not that helps ID something else that may be the prb.  If not, I believe my next step will be to enable remote access & get online with McAfee's excellent customer service reps (they've helped me on other issues in the past).  Push to shove - and only after checking with McAfee reps - a delete/reinstall.  Others' experiences/solutions?

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