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        Sorry for the deferred response ,  As we have said earlier, its not suggested to use one or more Antivirus software on a PC as its not additional security rather its a conflict. As for this case there are chances that the other security software wouldnt allow updates to continue  which is again not a good thing for any antivirus software to function properly. we would suggest to update and run only one antivirus software ,  in themeantime , we  direct this to our network monitor expert

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          Hi Dinz,I Already know about running 2 Antivirus.I had uninstalled Mcafee because of an Infection I had.As you can See Mcafee did not protect My computer.Mcafee also Took up all of My Traffic monitor for days! As you can See by the Images.With a full blown Infection That slipped past Mcafee some how.From a person that Is very security minded & not detect a single thing wrong.All will the traffic was being used up by god knows Who.I know Mcafee did`nt know.The Image Of Spy Bot search & destroy stating that Mcafee is spyware was Installed after I uninstalled Mcafee.

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            Also Spybot search & destroy is not an Antivirus as far As I know.But still Interested In your Network Monitor expert analysis.Thanks

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              Hi dinz,I am not going to bother to wait as usual as Mcafee stalls for answers.I will chalk one up for My own foolishness of Buying a long term Plan with Mcafee & most likely ditch My remaining Year & change that I have left to My Subscription.A while back While having an Issue with Mcafee I recieved a response of "We are doing the best with what we have"

              I should have bailed then.But I don`t really Like paying for something I dont recieve.While doing some research about AV`s Since I will not be getting My money`s worth.I noticed some very interesting Numbers from 2 of the big AV Testers.www.Av-test.org  &  http://www.av-comparatives.org/  To my surprise Mcafee was not near where I assumed.Especially In repair of Infected. With AVG freeware basically ranking bettor.Thanks for the troubles.Former Angry Customer

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