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    Customer support not working



      I have tried to get an invoice/receipt for my online-update of my antivirus-software. However it seems to be impossible to get it online.


      1) I can't get it through my profile, as far as I can see.

      2) The links in the FAQ leading to answers to the question "How do I get a receipt for the purchase of a McAfee online service?" doesn't seems to work - I get an error!

      3) The page 'Chat/Email' only contains grayed out links til chat and emai-support.


      Why haven't the McAfee-page a simple email-adress to customer support instead of all the crap, that doesn't work???


      I'm frustrated...

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          What browser and version are you using?   Do you have all the usual add-ons, Flash, Java etc.?   Try resetting the browser to default.


          I got the appropriate FAQ up OK although I notice the support site is slow at the moment.


          It's HERE.


          Basically it says....


          Printing your subscription history

          1. Go to  www.mcafee.com.
          2. Click My Account on the top navigation bar.
          3. If a security warning is displayed, click Yes.
          4. When prompted, enter your registered email address and password, then click Log In.
                If you have forgotten your email address or password, please see How do I get my login and password?
          5. Under the Product History column for the product, click View to display the product history.   
          6. On the Product History page, click View under the Invoice column.       
          7. Click Print.       




          Additional Information


          If you are unable to get a copy of your reciept using the steps above, please contact McAfee Customer Service using the link below:



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            Or phone them on Monday:


            For at snakke med en kundeservice medarbejder, kontakt os venligst på 35258321.


            Beregnet ventetid: 10-30 minutter

            Åbningstid: 10:00-17:00 lokal, Mandag til fredag

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              The browser:


              I'm using Firefox 10.2 - the problem is also in Explorer.


              Regarding the FAQ:


              If I'm searching for 'receipt' I get a lot of answer, some of them are in spanish! The question I'm looking for is this:


              'How do I get a receipt for the purchase of a McAfee online service?' (CS40036).


              This leads to this page:




              Telling me (in Danish) that the page in not avaliable. And telling me to go back to the searchpage and make a new search!


              Regarding the Profile:


              I can't find Product History in the Danish version of the profile, but I can get an overview of my subscriptions - however the invoice is not availiabe, it says.


              Thanks for your fast answer...

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                I have found the telephone-support - however the page tells me in Danish, that I'll have to wait between 10 and 30 minutes to get an answer!


                I should be able to get in online without any hazzle!


                regards, Jens

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                  Call them on Monday, the wait time shown would have been put up there on Friday so that was the estimated waiting time on Friday, it may change on Monday.   There's also the option of Online Chat but that may be even longer.


                  We have no access to account details here so can't help you with that, sorry.


                  Good luck ;-)