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      • 90. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

        Sorry for taking a while to get back but I thought I'd see if there was a pattern or not.

        I don't have any of the software mentioned, in fact with this computer there's not a lot installed beyond basics.


        I keep getting messages telling me that the McAfee software has been updated  which is ambiguous to say the least but

        I assume these updates are the latest virus signatures?

        I thought they must actually be software updates as forseveral days the evil Host message stayed away all day and no matter what or how much software I had running.

        Hurrah!!!! They've finally fixed it......... Hmmmm


        Yesterday  I got another update message and guess what, the ghost of host has returned to haunt me.

        What the .... is going on?????


        Could it be that the problem lies within the signature updates? Searching the net I've found references to McAfee AV actually quarantining SVCHOST.exe in the past, worst case perhaps, but it seems to come and go with updates !!!!!!!!!!!! That's the pattern I've spotted.


        I am seriously considering ditching McAfee now as it didn't cost me anything for the first year, doesn't appear to work properly, and still hasn't been fixed. The last AV on this computer was a complex beast and took time to understand, tame, and tailor to your requirements but did it's job tirelessly for two years without one glitch or virus getting through and didn't appear to have a list of software that it wasn't compatible with !

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          Bet you have XP correct? Seems to happen only on it BUT not on my test box and it is basic install. Any chance of you listing what programs are in the add/remove programs list. I am ready to check any that are common to you guys and noone wants to post their list.

          • 92. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

            Hi, sorry for the delay in responding but I've been watching for the error in an attempt to spot a pattern.


            Some days it simply doesn't happen at all and has gone for up to three consequtive days without occurring.

            When it happens it usually only occurs once in a day regardless of software in use though on one occasion it happened twice.

            I'll point out at this point that the software in use has been IE, Word, MS Image composer, Outlook Express, Printer (Epson) switched off.


            It has happened with just IE running (once) and most recently with no software - it came up as the desktop appeared on the screen. There might be a clue here in that a message from Adobe came up pretty much at the same time informing me that there was an update availabe. Could it be that McFee assumes it can do something but can't because something else is using a feature of XP? If so why doesn't it wait and try again - this aspect has puzzled me from the start.


            Another oddity I've noticed is that McAfee doesn't always appear in the tray it will take to moving to the hiden part. The only way of making it appear again (that I've found) is opening the security center and closing it again. Hey presto - its back again but for how long? Like the host error message this oddity is random but very annoying as I now feel the need to check every time I start the computer.


            On the subject of the tray - I've disabled all but important things so all that runs is Sound, Epson SX510W, McAfee, and Navidia

            Also running in the background somewhere are the update monitors for Adobe, and Quiktime - I've disabled the rest and other things that watch / monitor for events. I'll try diabling the last two next.



            Currently installed programs are


            ABBYY finereader 6 Sprint

            Adobe AIR, Flash player 11Ativex, Reader X

            Apple Application Support, Software update

            Arcsoft Photo Impression 6

            Compatibility pack for the 2007 office system

            DivX setup

            Epson Easy Photoprint 2, Event manager, Stylus Manual, SX510W series printer uninstal, Web to Page, Net Print, Net Setup

            High definition audio driver package

            Java update 6 - 29

            McAfee security center

            Microsoft Compression client pack 1 for XP, Image Composer 1, Office File validation add in, Front Page 2003, Office Professional 2003, Silverlight, User Mode Driver feature pack,

            Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1

            MP3 My MP3 ver 3.1

            MSXML 4.0 SP2

            NVIDIA DRIVERS

            OVT Scanner X86



            Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

            Roxio Easy media Creator 8

            Tinycad 2.7.00

            Tweak UI

            Uninstal OVT Scanner

            Windows IE 8, Media format 11 runtime, Media Player 11, XP Service Pack 3

            Winfast Codec T5 SDK, deinterlace SDK, PVR2, TTSB SDK,

            WINZIP 16

            Xpert Vision 5.7


            I now understand why so few respond to this request - it's laborious.


            That's about it for now.


            Living in hope that a fix may be found. For now I'll just keep telling Microsoft.

            Oh, and about to disable Netguard.

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              Thanks will compare the 2 lists  I have asap

              • 94. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

                Well, I came here looking for an answer, but found more people as ****** as I am. I kept thinking McAfee would fix the problem, but it doesn't seem like that is in the cards. It only happens to me when I restart---then it locks everything down until I click off of it 3 or 4 times. A real pain, I started leaving my computer on sleep, but windows and other programs update and close me down and back comes: McAfee Host. I've had McAfee every since I bought my first computer(windows had just come out). I'm thinking about canceling McAfee---maybe that would get their attention. I need to do something before I throw my mouse through my screen.

                • 95. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

                  Ed what have you checked from the known issues?


                  1. Do you have alcohol 120% burning software installed? This only if error is Mchost.exe not mcsvhost....

                  2. Try disabling netguard a firewall setting That can be a cause.

                  3. Do you have a HP mopier printer? Try removing the printer suite and only adding the driver.

                  4. Any folder or file or shortcut with a % sign in the name anywhere?


                  Can you list the installed programs you have?  I assume you are using XP?


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                  • 96. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

                    Ok got another list so 4 so far only common programs are Adobe air, and Microsoft office file validation add in.

                    • 97. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

                      OK got a Mcafee service host error popup. What seems to have caused this is

                      1 installed tweakui and set autolon in 2 days no error

                      2. Installed adobe air and adobe air launcher. ran launcher had no idea what I was doing so stopped it and then opened explorer. error popped up.

                      3 Uninstalled tweakui and rebooted and cannot get error to repro. Maybe one needs to run an adobe air supported program first.

                      Is any1 having this issue which \netguard disabling does not help and removing HP driver does not help not have adobe air installed?


                      Digging deeper

                      • 98. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP



                        I never installed tweakui (does it comes originally on Win XP Professional?) or Adobe Air. I just have Adobe Reader on both machines.

                        I tried to disable NetGuard, restart machine and now I got the error 1 time (before was 3 times) at startup. After use internet, another error (1 time instead 3 times).

                        I also tried to enable NetGuard again, restart machine and now the error still happens 1 time as before.


                        It's better, but the error is still boring me.




                        I'm using AMD processor, so I guess that the PAE is not for me. I also tried the BCDEdit but I don't have this command on my WIndows console.

                        Yes, my Win XP is a 32-bit version.

                        At Control Panel -> System it says: 3.25 Gb RAM but I have a single 4Gb memory installed. It could be better for me if I could left 1Gb for Win and 2.25Gb for applications.


                        Win XP 32bit only recognizes 3.25Gb of RAM, it's not a problem with my Win XP.



                        • 99. Re: Mcafee Service Host Error Windows XP

                          Any possibility of getting a copy of what is in your add/remove programs list. OK I am starting to agree it is not eoither tweak or adobe air so need to keep digging. Where did you get your Mcafee copy? Not from BT ?

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