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    Cannot REMOVE McAfee program, but takes up resources


      Cannot REMOVE McAfee program, but takes up resources


      I used to have a subscription (when Comcast provided it), but use I use a different program now.  BUT ...


      In my TASK MANAGER (CNTL+ALT+DELE), the McAfee programs show up (McAgent, McShield, McProxy, etc), taking up a lot of Memory,

      BUT ...

      When I try to DELETE the mcshield.exe (or others) from the task list, and click YES on the pop-up for the Task Manager Warning (yes, go ahead and delete that task), it comes back with an error message:   


                   The operation could not be completed

                                   Access is denied.


      1) I tried DELETING the program:   From the CONTROL PANEL, under ADD/REMOVE programs, I click Change/REMOVE, but all it does is open a totally WHITE BOX (no text or image) as if it's trying to open something, but never goes beyond the white box.

      2) I tried to open the program to see if there were some way to kill it, but all it does is open the same totally WHITE BOX (no text or image) as if it's trying to open something ... and periodically I get a message that the system had to end the task and did I want to send an error message.

      3) I tried to CUT the McAfee icon from the START menu, pasted it elsewhere (in My Documents), did a reboot, and it's STILL showing up in the task manager -- and back in the START menu.


      I have not yet tried DELETING every file which mentions McAfee because I'd like to do a clean REMOVE, but I cannot seem to do that.


      ANY ADVICE would be appreciated -- HOW DO I REMOVE McAFEE (given the above removal problems) so that it does not consume memory?


      THANKS for any HELP !!!


      BTW -- The only thing I loved about the McAfee was the MAINTAIN COMPUTER which allowed me to scan and delete not only the temporary files, but the excess system restore files and more -- all the memory hogging items.  Does anyone know of a program which does the equivalent of the McAfee MAINTAIN COMPUTER??



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          Save the MCPR cleanup tool to your desktop, the FAQ containing the download link is shown under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Then try running it.  You will have to reboot after it finishes.


          If it wont run in regular mode, try in Safe Mode - reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.


          Regarding the file cleanup that Quickclean did, all those tools are built into Windows.   Your browser Tools/Options has the ability to clear out cookies and history.


          You can clean old restore points by right-clicking 'My Computer/ on your desktop or in the Star Menu and selecting System Restore.  There you turn it off, thereby deleting all restore points.  Or, if you prefer to only do a cleanup of all but the most recent one, go to Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Free up space, there are various options there.


          More information:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310312


          To clear temporary files go to Start/Run and type in temp and hit Enter.


          Then click Edit/Select All and then click Shift/Delete and OK any prompts and most of them will disappear.  Some usually can't be removed.

          Repeat this but type in %temp% and clear those too.


          If none of this helps please contact Technical Suppport, it's a free phone call or you can use online chat, also free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.






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