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    Recent McAfee update causes IE freez-ups and buffering problems

      I have a problem for the past three months I finally traced to McAfee updates. IE works fine and then when McAfee updates upon reboot, my IE does not work properly. I can get a website but can"t do anything like load emails. If trying to watch a video it runs for about 30 seconds and freezes up like there is no RAM available.


      I am on Windows 7 - 32bit IE-8 (IE-9 has the same problem) To solve the problem I have to restore back to a point before the McAfee update and everything works fine again.  It appears version 11.0.649 is the one that works. once 11.0.654 installs it kills IE again. I've turned off auto updates but of course that doesn't solve anything. I ready to uninstall Mcafee and try another antivirus unless someone can help fix this.