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        Suggestion: Please allow the S/MIME signed emails to be processed through user spam reporting.



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          15 - An option to only send notifications only periodically (e.g. once an hour, once a day, once per sender, or any similar restriction.) would be helpful in avoiding the occassional mail loop.




          16 - We periodically (acquisition, divestiture, spinoff, etc...) need to do things like change

          John.Doe@company-A.com to John.Doe@company-B.com and notify the sender of the change.


          It would be quite helpful if there were additional variables in Envelope Analysis notifications for the 'local' and 'domain' parts of the recipient  email address, the bits before and after the '@' sign.





          which could be put in a notification responses



          We could then fashion responses such as this, which is more friendly than making the sender figure out the new email from a generic response.



            This is in response to your email on <$DATE$> to <$RECIPIENT$> about <$SUBJECT$>.


          My email address has been changed.   It is now $RECIPIENT-LOCAL$@NewCompany.COM


          Please make a note of the new address.   You do not need to resend your message, it has been automatically forwarded to my new address.   Forwarding will stop working on Month, Day and you will need to begin using the new address before than.


          Thanks you,


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            Did you plan (if "yes" then when) to virtualize the Ironmail?

            EWS and Webwasher is virtualized but when the Ironmail will?

            Thank You.

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              We are combining the Ironmail (McAfee Email Gateway) and EWS product lines into a single appliance product, taking the best pieces of both.


              As part of this, we will have a virtual version of our email gateway product.  This is due to ship before the end of this year as McAfee Email Gateway v7.0.


              The existing 6.7.2 and 5.6 releases of Ironmail and EWS respectively will be supported for a further five years from the 7.0 release.

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                  From the GUI, when doing a Queue search for email, I’d like to have the ability to export the result into a file as an Excel file.

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                    I would like the ability for help desk staff to release quarantined messages, but not necessarily be able to "read" the actual message.


                    in other words, have a fine-grained permission policy for the Queue Manager screen.

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                      We are currently in the process of merging the Secure Computing Ironmail and McAfee Email and Web Security appliances into a new product, McAfee Email Gateway 7.0.  This will ship before the end of the year.


                      Similarly, we have two separate email quarantine solutions: Central Quarantine Server (ex. Secure Computing) and McAfee Quarantine Manager (MQM).  MEG 7 will work with MQM only.


                      MEG 7 has an on box quarantine, however if you have more than one appliance you would likely want a single consolidated quarantine.  MQM is a software based product (runs on Windows Servers) which provides that.  There are a number of user roles with MQM, one, the operator role, allows you to do exactly what you request.


                      Being a software download rather than an appliance, MQM will be provided free to any MEG 7 user.

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                        We are testing multiple virtual MEG 7.0 appliances and did clustering as well, can you guide me where I can download MQM from? For your post above, what I understood is that Central Qaurantine Server (CQS) will no longer be there for MEG 7.0, correct?

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