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    A malware is sending from my messenger's contactcs web cam request

      Dear users:


      I have a problem with my laptock, i think i have a kind of walware wich is sending to all my msn contacs several requesting about a sex web cam. The problem is also with my facebook. I tried with my McAfee and eveything was clean, malwarebytes, stinger, housecall from trend, panda active scan an cloud and trojan remover every day and always is clean. My contacts tell me that the problem is still in my laptock. I changed all my passwords but is still the same.


      I enclose hijack log with my laptock's problems, because i don't know how to copy in this message the results of the log.


      I don't want to lose my msn and my facebook, i'm using them from ten years ago and all my contacts are there, please help me



      Thank you