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    How to change the temp directory for VSE and Agent

      Dear all,

      I was looking for an article, that describes how to change the temp directory used by VSE (8.5 and 8.7) and the Agent but unfortunately I couldn't find the needed information.
      I found a McAfee knowledge base article (KB65931) that claims the products will use the windows temp directories defined under the "System Environment variables".
      You can find the following text in the KB article:

      IMPORTANT: CMA uses the Windows temporary directories and changing these values will apply for all programmes that do the same.

      Therefore I checked my environment variables and all the temporary directories are set to C:\TEMP.
      What I was wondering now is the fact, that the log file "mcafeeupdate.txt" will get stored in the directory C:\TMP instead of C:\TEMP allthough there is no such system variable defined.

      I also checked the registry for a mcafee key/entry related to this C:\TMP directory but there was nothing. So I guess this must be somehow configured trough a config file ore something else.
      Does anybody of you have seen simillar issues with the temporary directory of the McAfee products. Any response is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

      kind regards