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    I appear to have disappeared!


      When I became unemployed several years ago, I took the opportunity to join the beta testing community, having previously been a paying subscriber to McAfee. Since then, I keep getting reminders from McAfee that my protection has expired. Well, no, it hasn't. I have just stopped PAYING for it! Obviously a case of one department not talking to another.


      Anyway, I ignored the chance to have a rant about the fact that I managed to get my PC infected with a virus a couple of years ago, which resulted in me reinstalling everything from scratch, including Windows XP. However, an ongoing issue has finally prompted me to attempt to report a bug to McAfee. After I have run a virus scan, I attempted to go to the quarantined items list to delete them, but every time I try to expand the list of items, the program stops responding. I am guessing here, but I have it in my mind that because I forgot to do this for so long, the list has become so large that it cannot be displayed and causes the crash. That was the error that I wanted to report I also mentioned in the brief description that recently, when using Outlook Express to get my emails, McAfee Anti-Spam had started to identify a daily email reminder that I get for a charity website as spam. It had not done this before, except on an odd occasion, it is in my address book (but not in any safe senders list as I have never found this), but now it does it every day. Bizarrely, it has also identified one of the emails from McAfee about renewing my protection as spam too! So, this was a minor inconvenience that I just happened to also mention.


      Not having logged on for some time, and having recently changed my ISP and email address, I requested a password reminder be sent to my old Sky email address. Upon getting this, I logged in, updated my email address to my new Virgin Media one and changed the password. Having run Virtual Technician (twice, as it updated on the first run and then asked me to do it again), I got through to the contact options for help with reporting a bug. I could not select the email option for some reason, so I opted for an online agent chat. It has been all downhill from this point onwards. The first chat was with tech support, who stated he believed my problem to be getting spam in my email folder. WRONG. I was getting email in my spam folder, but that wasn't the problem. I wanted to report the crashing bug when trying to delete items in quarantine. He tried to locate my account, but said he couldn't find it. I was looking at it on screen. My subscription is shown as ACTIVE in Security Centre, my details are shown in the profile screen online that I had just updated and My Beta shows the version of software I have installed (Total Protection 5 Beta for Windows). He took control of my PC and rummaged around for a bit but could not find anything. He insisted that I contact customer services to find my account and he could not help me until I did so.


      I therefore went through the same contact procedure again and stated what had happened so far; wanted to report bug, sent email password, updated password, account not found by tech support, told to contact them. I was now put through to another rep who stated she believed I wanted to reset my password. WRONG! Does anyone actually read what is typed into the brief description box? She did some checks and found the old, expired subscription with the old email address attached. I explained again about using the beta version, but she could not find a current account. She stated that she would at least begin by updating my email address, (which I had already done online), but stated that her area of expertise was in billing! After a while, she stated that she would have to get someone else to contact me. I stated that I would not be at home the next day, but she said they would be in touch in the next 24-48 hours. I was duly phoned the next day when I wasn't at home and asked if I was in front of my computer. NO. She said that she would phone me back the following day and asked what time would be convenient (very nice!). I stated any time after lunch would be good. The next day (last Friday) I turned on the PC at midday, and waited for the callback. It never came. A wasted afternoon!


      Today (Monday) I was phoned back, I assume by the same person, who stated that she believed I could not find my account. WRONG! I can see my account; YOU can't find my account! After explaining everything yet again about being a Beta tester, she still could not find any account registered to me. Eventually she said she needed to speak to someone to check which department was best suited to help and would call me back within 30 minutes. That was around midday. It is now 4pm! At 14:35, an email arrived from McAfee customer services explaining how to remove a virus and how to submit examples to McAfee for analysis. I haven't got a %$*#& virus!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?


      All suggestions and help gratefully appreciated whilst I still have hair!



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          We are checking into this but I can tell you that Customer Service/Technical Support will not be able to find a beta account as they don't deal with them at all, it's a totally different database.  Support for beta is entirely through the beta feedback system and the special section in these forums:  https://community.mcafee.com/groups/mcafee-total-protection-beta if it's the home product beta we are talking about.

          You can't obtain support for beta through the normal channels.


          As a general tip, make sure you keep Windows entirely up to date, for instance McAfee now only support SP3 for XP and there have been many updates since.

          I also suggest that you update Internet explorer to 8 if not already done. That would have been an optional update at some stage.

          That applies whether or not you are using IE as your browser.







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            Quarantined items : https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2973 might help.


            Anti-spam : McAfee is throwing some of my incoming mail into anti-spam, so the detection rules have recently been tightened. Unmark it as spam, the program should send a notification back to a server somewhere. Eventually it learns not to junk a particular sender.


            As for the account-lapsed issue, I'll leave that issue to those who know more about these things than I do.

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              To answer your quarantine folder problem, it's a known issue whereby if there are too many items it takes a long, long time for that folder to display or it may even lock up.  Follow the next steps to cure it:


              You can delete the contents of the Quarantine Folder in another way.  

              You have to enable viewing of hidden files and folders within Windows Explorer under Tools/Folder Options/View (Windows Explorer is any internal page such as Documents or Computer.  If the Menu bar isn’t showing go to organize > Layout and check that item, click Apply).


              First you have to turn off Access Protection in SecurityCenter.

              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

              Click Navigation

              Click General Settings and Alerts

              Click Access Protection

              Uncheck it and click Apply and close SecurityCenter


              In XP the pathway to the Quarantined files within Windows itself is:C:Documents & Settings/All Users/Application Data/McAfee/Virusscan/Quarantine

              In Vista and Windows 7:C:\Program Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine


              Only delete the contents of the folder and not the folder itself.

              To delete all at once simply go to Edit > Select All then simultaneously click Shift and Delete on your keyboard at the same time.

              By clicking Shift that not only deletes them but bypasses the Recycle Bin so saves a step.


              Don't forget to re-enable Access Protection.


              You can stop the Quarantine folder getting so large by turning off cookie detection in VirusScan's general settings if you wish.

              Click Virus and Spyware Protection

              Click Real-Time Scanning

              Click Settings

              Uncheck Tracking Cookies

              Click Apply.

              (Tracking cookies are how sites remember you so are usually totally harmless).







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                Regarding beta I've sent you an invitation to join the private beta group within these forums and you will have to re-register at the Beta Home Page (see the My Beta/Login at the top right) using your new email address in order to test the products or try to sign in on with your old one and change it there, but don't worry if you can't do the latter, just open a new account. 


                We are about to release beta 6 - the 2012 product - but it hasn't been put out to public testing yet, it should be soon.


                The reason you couldn't find you records was probably because these forums migrated to a new host as did the beta accounts, last year, and inactive accounts were archived.


                Meanwhile don't forget to action the invitation then I'll move this thread there where it belongs.























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                  Thanks for the help! I got confused by all this as I clicked through to the beta site and clicked on report a bug, as I used to do in the past. That is what led me to the online chat with tech support and customer services.


                  If the correct method is to use the feedback system, as you stated, why is there a link on the beta site to report a bug that takes you to the "regular" tech/cust support people? Is this itself a bug? Am I following an incorrect link somehow? The process was that I right-clicked on the shield icon, selected Get Help, which opened Security Centre's help screen with a link to McAfee Support Website. Clicking on that opened the Beta Lab support page http://beta.mcafee.com/betamcafee/support.aspx?cookieCheck=true


                  After logging in, My Beta showed the installed product and informed me to Report a bug if it didn't work correctly, which is exactly what I clicked on , resulting in this fiasco of missing accounts, mis-read messages and irrelevant emails about problems that I haven't got! At least you guys have been very helpful and provided the answers I needed, but clearly, the onscreen instruction are leading me in the wrong direction, instead of to this Feedback system that you referred to.

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                    I will keep trying to tell the software that the message is NOT spam, but it has been doing it for several weeks now. I will persevere, but I was gobsmacked when it identified an email from McAfee as spam!!! Made me laugh though.

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                      Brilliant! 8126 items deleted. No wonder it froze when I tried to expand the folder.

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                        So, final question then. Having managed to log in when I first had this issue and already updating my email address, am I ok to continue as I am, or do I still need to rejoin using your invitation? I was a bit unsure if the "private beta group within these forums" referred to the one I was already in or whether it was some top secret, highly confidential uber-group that the government deny all existence of? I see on the homepage that vrsion 6 is available for testing and that I will get updated to that, so I am off the check for updates!


                        Once again, thanks for all the help

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                          The bug reporting should have taken you to a form, I think it malfunctioned because they haven't revised the web pages yet.


                          Yes you have to accept that invitation, that's why I sent it to you.  Join the group and then all beta discussion will be moved to that section.   If you are OK on the account side with the beta downloading etc. that's separate so it should be fine


                          As I stated earlier, I think, beta 6 (2012) has NOT been released yet.   The web page is premature.  If you download anything from there currently it may or may not be beta 6 as I doubt it's been released yet.   We MODs haven't been told so, so it will be old version.