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    Firewall blocking Youtube video stream.


      After todays update of the firewall.


      Version: 12.0

      Build: 12.0.345

      Last update: 11-11-2011


      It blocks the video any video stream, youtube, daily motion, everything. It just loads the first few seconds then it cuts off. It does this in every browser I've tried (Firefox, Chrome, EI).


      I've tried giving the browser full access, and turning off Net Guard. It did not work.


      I am not that knowledgeble about this sort of thing. Can anyone help me?

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          I've figured out I need to shut off Net Guard intirely, not just for the induvidual program. Does anyone know why Netguard prevents youtube video from loading? (The site works fine, it just blocks the stream).

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            I've just watched several YouTube videos and I didn't have to shut off anything at all.    I would imagine it is controlled by your browser settings and/or the Program Permissions in Firewall.


            You might get a more technical solution by contacting Technical Support linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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              I have been troubleshooting exactly the same problem with exactly the same version of McAfee Firewall on Windows 7.  I'm glad to see I'm not alone!


              Everything worked fine yesterday, but after accepting the reboot to "upgrade" this morning, all my downloads (including streaming video) fail after a few seconds on all browsers.  It appears this version of the firewall is broken and thinking the incoming data is unsolicited.


              Have you had any luck resolving the problem?





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                I still don't have any problems with YouTube so I suggest opening a case with Technical Support - see Useful Links at the top of the page.   It's free by phone or online chat.

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                  Don't know the exact cause, but there is a huge issue with McAfee firewall on some PCs.


                  Was chasing an issue with 1 of 2 PCs on a small business network.

                  1 PC works fine on the Internet, the other was mostly broken (report was "working but super slow").


                  Problem is reproducable on most websites. Both big national sites and some of the small one they build at the business.


                  My favorite way to reproduce is a speed test (at http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ )

                  With firewall ON I'm lucky to get 1/3 of the way through. I would estimate 300 KB of data.

                  The connection just freezes (you can tell by the progress bar stopping). If I don't wait too long (for a full time out), disabling the firewall will allow the progress to continue.

                  Sounds VERY similar to the video stream issue reported above.


                  I made a few wild guesses and one of them was "turn off the firewall". With that "solution" in hand, I found this and a few other threads.


                  I tried resetting my Firewall setting to Default. (no change)

                  So far, unchecking "Net Guard" has been the least painful solution.

                  (I do NOT get a message like "continue to risky site? Yes/No")


                  These are the other references I have found so far.



                  http://helpdesk.centre.edu/blog/2011/09/12/known-issue-mcafee-security-suite-int ermittently-b/


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                    Well the more cases Technical Support gets the quicker the root cause will be found.

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                      After checking everything but my firewall I now realise I have the same problem!


                      I can slide the frozen YouTube videos and it will only buffer a couple of seconds ahead and then freeze!


                      Net Guard off or Firewall of works,


                      A better solution will be good though and I will look on the rest of the forum.

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                        Hi ,


                        It would be great to isolate this problem as this is something new that has been reported with You tube video streaming , Please check your email as we have sent you one from McAfee support, please let us know if you are interested  in a call back so as we could collect logs and get this proceeded .





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                          Hi Dinz

                          I had someone from McAfee support help me via GoToAssist, in the end we unistalled and reinstalled and I still have the same annoying problem. He also gathered the log....


                          The YouTube videos stop, I go to McAfee and turn the firewall off, within seconds the videos start to play again...


                          I don't think it is limited only to YouTube as a lot of sites I have to click on the url again before the site will load, and I've had some prblems with doanloads not downloading.


                          Hope you can sort this out!

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