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        This past Sunday I took the time -- Hours -- to  uninstall and remove and re-install McAfee.

        This fixed the original problem of updates downloading but not installing - eventually.


        After the re-install there was a  shower of updates with frequent toggling of  faulty Real Time Scanning.

        So far so Good.


        HOWEVER,  I again tried to  MVT to seek out any gremlins lurking there. Nope. Still cannot find McAfee prod.

        Results xml   mentions  "Partner not  supported"


        Well  AOL/ McAfee arranged for a monthly fee to be  transferred from me to them.

        That part is working fine.

        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

        Am dissapointed but not surprised by the lack of support from the McAfee staff.


          Since  I see no postings by other Mcafee/Aol partners on the forums I am assuming it is not a widespread problem.

        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

          That's two strikes on you, McAfee. One more and you're out of here.





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          Strike THREE McAfee! You're out of here.  All worked fine for ONE WEEK after re-install. Same BS started up again. Updates not installed, McAfee products not found . Yadda, yadda, yadda.


          So I removed  yours and installed the Free version of AVG. Faster and much better interface, user info and more.   Will upgrade if  it stays problem free for a while.


          Now  for all our sake I hope the cancellation of the subscrition goes smoothly.

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            Apologies for the late reply. The support for this AOL partner has been added in McAfee Virtual Technician, you shouldn't be seeing this error message anymore. Please let us know if you are still seeing this issue.




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              Sorry Ragavendra, it's too late.

              If you read message #11 you'll will see that I have switched to AVG.

              It works, is simpler, is faster and to top it off IT IS FREE!

              Online cancellation of the monthly  Mcafee fee  - via AOL - apparently went well.

              Will know for sure on 11/1/11.

              Too little too late.


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