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    Device Ownership


      So, the new version 9.7 has an option to track device ownership.  I created a policy, checked the box that  says, This policy applies to corporate owned devices, but all devices show as personal?  i can manually change a device to corporate though.


      What is the procedure for this? Hopefully the procedure is not to manually check each device.

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          As far as I can see, you select the device in the Helpdesk and click the button to "Change Ownership".  All devices default to personally owned.

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            Yeah, but with 4000 devices this could take awhile.  If this is true, what would the box for corporate devices on the policy setting be intended for?

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              It's so you can create two different policies for users in the same AD group depending on if their device is personal or corporate.  For example, they can use the same password and email server settings, but corporate devices can have games and YouTube blocked and not allow apps to be installed.


              Will it be a hastle to sort through 4000 devices, most likely.  As far as I recall, you're not able to select multiple devices within the help desk to make the change in one click.

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                The feature makes sense, good thinking, I have users that will likely have a personal and corporate device.  but still, we have this configuration setting that very much appears as though it would apply to all devices under which the setting is made.  Shouldn't this box make all the devices in the policy corporate?  Capture.JPGWhat am I missing?

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                  You specifiy whether a device is corporate or personal on the Helpdesk.  I don't have a 9.7 console in front of me, so I can't make a screenshot for you, but it's next to the option to do a compliance override.  The option you're asking about specifies whether or not the policy applies to corporate or personal devices whose user is part of the specified AD group.


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                    I got you on that, makes sense, I have the 9.7 console here and I've used the button on the helpdesk site.  but I sitll don't know what the setting above is supposed to be for?  What does this configure?



                    So you would configure 2 policies, possibly with same membership, one policy will apply to those devices that have been clicked as coporate, the other to personal.  Thanks, makes sense, most of our devices will be corporate.. 


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                      Let's say you have a user with two devices, one personal and one corporate.  The user registers both devices with EMM.  In the 9.6 version of EMM, both devices would have the same policy assigned, because policy is assigned via AD group only.  In 9.7, you can now specify ownership as an additional parameter.  So now the same user can have a separate policy applied to his personal device than the one applied to his corporate device.


                      That check box specifies whether or not the policy is applying to corporate devices or personal devices, after accounting for AD groups.

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                        dgriner - thanks you have been helpful in this.


                        Have you used this feature yet?  I understand how this is supposed to work but I've been unable to actually get it to work.


                        Policy 1 - membership - iphoneusers - checked "policy applies to corp devices"


                        Policy 2 - membership - iphoneusersP (actually had to create a copy of the group, couldn't assign same group to 2 policies) - unchecked "policy applies to corp devices"


                        When I select a device and change ownership, the device does not change policy.  Regardless of ownership setting the device will grab the first policy.

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                          I"ve seen this problem before and I don't know the solution.  Best I can suggest is to open a ticket with support.  I know how it's supposed to be working, but I don't know why it isn't working that way.

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