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        I have a problem where McAfee is blocking a game's authentication servers. When the server is blocked, its IP does not appear on the Net Guard list to show that Net Guard has blocked them. Therefore, I cannot add them to my Net Guard Exception list. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

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          Jayadeep NR

          Hi Squeakurs and zapika,


          Could you please letus know the lan driver (Network adapter) name and version. You can obtain it by going to device manager.


          lan driver.jpg

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            I hit the same problem - the firewall (even with policies that should allow traffic) blocks pretty much everything.  I had to disable it to make anything usable :-(


            My network adapter is a "Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller"

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              OK so I had the same problem after McAfee added new updates. Was stumped. Contacted McAfee and was told to reinstall. Did this and it worked fine until the updates were added. Back to square one.


              Got this info from my brother-in-law and it works!!!!!!:


              Turn on McAfee Firewall


              Click on Firewall and then on Settings


              Click Ports And System Services


              Make sure Web Server Port 80 is clicked.


              And that's it!


              Will sort it out for you. Somehow McAfee updates unclick this.


              Hope it helps!

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                I had the same problem.

                Almost no more internet connections since 8 days (google chrome, firefox, ie) but mail was ok along with some vpn connections.


                Without firewall,  everything is fine (except that there is no more security while browsing)

                With the firefall, no internet connections (or almost none as explained by other people above)


                I did the trick explained above by molly133 and it did it for 30 minutes.


                I just had to activate/desactivate/activate again the firewall after the modifications so that they are taken into account


                then, after these 30 minutes, internet connections are blocked again! But all the Ports settings are identical to 30 minutes before.


                As other people, i didn't do any special things on my PC (vista), only automatic updates from windows, mcafee, java, etc.


                It's the first time i have such awfull trouble with mcafee!


                So, McAfee Crew, we are a lot of people needing your help!




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                  Hi Yannic / danny,


                  What is the exact error that you receive while the internet connectivity is lost ??? is it – Internet explorer cannot disaplay the webpage or something in specific to McAfee .Also, what is the version and build numbers for McAfee personal firewall ???




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                    i got this (see image, text is in french)



                    it means that the server takes too long to answer (there it is yahoo but it's the same with almost any other server)


                    if i disable the firewall, it works... but i hate surfing without firewall ;-)


                    i'm using Mc Afee Internet Security (information from about mcafee)


                    mcafee security center

                    version 11.0

                    version 11.0.608

                    last update september 28, 2011


                    mcafee virus scan

                    version 15.0

                    version 15.0.291

                    last update october 7, 2011


                    mcafee personal firewall

                    version 12.0

                    version 12.0.344

                    last update for the firewall done the septembre 21, 2011

                    i didn't find any build number


                    all the updates are automatic


                    there is no message related to mcafee... but when firewall is disable it always works.

                    When the firewall is up, then it depends.


                    Since my last message, after checking some checkboxes (port 80, etc) as suggested by molly133, then the network access works far better.

                    But from time to time, connexions take too long again and i need to wait between 5 minutes and one hour to have access again.


                    I have also seen that when a scan is running, sometimes (not always) the network connexions are bad or simply not working.


                    From another computer, on the same local network (behind the same rooter) , without mcafee, everything is ok.


                    It is not a conflict between computer as i have this problem when my PC is the only one powered.


                    I'm using mcafee fro more than one year and the problem started around a week ago but i just realize it came from mcafee today





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                      This probably requires a remote setup to diagnose why exactly this is happening often.  Kindly click on Useful links at the top of this page and click on Technical support, get in touch with our online technicians and they would help you resolve the issues with firewall within no time .




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                        I'm running the Virtual Technician. I hope it will find something.


                        The firewall behaviour is really strange and quite boring.

                        I will let you know what's happening.


                        thanks for the link  anyway.





                        2 problems found:

                        - 1 registrey key was not correct. fixed by the VT

                        - 1 DAT out of date. Impossible to fix with the VT so far...


                        I will launch it again later after manually updating mcafee


                        - the DAT problem has deasappeared now.


                        Stil, browsing remains troublesome...


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                          So far, unchecking "Net Guard" has been the least painful solution.

                          (Found under Firewall settings)


                          See related thread with more details here


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