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    Where do we see the future of McAf.ee?



      I would like to invest a considerable amount of time in utilizing the McAf.ee service. However, I would like to know from McAf.ee and the SafeBoot group where they see this going in the next 1 - 5 years. I understand that this is currently in Public Beta, but is there a stable build on its way/ and or is there ongoing development being done. My concern is, if after implementing an application using the service, if something changes or the service shuts down.


      Any feedback, discussion and comments appreciated.

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          I guess the short answer is that it's certainly not going away - McAf.ee provides the backbone for the SiteAdvisor Live link share service, so it's embedded in McAfee as deep as it could be. Also one of the first rules of SURL services is that they MUST live forever - If for some strange reason we decided to discontinue it (highly unlikely!) we'd migrate the link db over to another provider to handle for us.


          I don't see any probability of this happening though, as McAfe.ee is both very successful, and very useful.


          If you're intending to use it for commercial use though - please reach out with some details, as there are a lot of rate limits within the service designed to protect it from exploitation - you may unintentionally run into one, in which case the system will automatically blacklist you. We can give your service special access if needs be to bypass these measures.



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            Thanks Simon.


            If I intend to use McAfee for commerical use, what details would you require in order to prevent the service from blacklisting me?

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              a description of your intended use is a good start, then we would need to know bandwidth predictions etc.