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    Stand alone tool for multiple extra DAT compilation


      Good day


      Do any of you know if there is a stand alone tool for  multiple extra dat compiltions , and if so whre can one get it?


      I have tried the one on my support portal , but it refused to download the complied dat .

      I eventually sent the 6 extra dats for compilation.


      Any thoughts


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          We apologize for do not replying to your question previously.


          There is no standlone tool for combining extra.dat files, as there are some limitations of testing or approval for general production release.


          In this case we recommend you to escalate via Techical Support or if your are a Platinum/Gold customer you can do it within the Serviceportal.


          We also recommend you to have both your Engine and DAT files up to date as well as your system patched.


          Hope this helps.