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    Safetech errror

      I need to use SafeTech for emergency boot function.
      As clearly written in the manual, I created from EEM console by accessing Recovery --> Create SafeTech..
      It went fine, so I make it bootable from USB.

      It takes me to the SateTech console successfully, and asked me to enter Authorisation code.
      After authorisation, I tried authenticating from SBFS. But, the following error message popped up.

      Authenticating the user failed with error: E0020007

      We are using  safetech 5.1.7 version and FIPS AES (256 bit) as a algorithm.

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          You will most likely not be able to do an Emergency Boot, from my experience, if you cannot authenticate to the actual SBFS.  However, if you like to try, go into EEM, find the machine, right click and Export Configuration.  I'm not sure it matters, but go ahead and checkmark to include all files and all users just in case.


          Then put that file on the USB and when you boot into SafeTech, choose Authenticate from database.  Hopefully it enumerates the drive proper.  You might have to select the encryption algorithm from one of the other menus first.

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            Thanks for your answer, but my concern is that although  I try to authenticate from proper database, it gives me an error saying "Authenticating the user failed with error: E0020007"