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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption Backup Server Testing


      We have a primary and backup McAfee Endpoint Encryption(EEM) servers (Version 5.2.3). The primary server’s SBDATA directory is replicated each night to the backup server using Safeboot File Database Backup scheduler. All encryption agents are configured with both the primary and backup servers.


      We would like to test connectivity from the encryption agents to the backup server in case of a failure on the primary server. I plan to disable the “McAfee Endpoint Encryption Database Server” service on the primary and start the service (currently disabled) on the backup server. Encryption clients should first attempt to synchronize with the primary server. When they receive no response, they should then connect to the backup server. During this testing period, I will make minimal (if any) changes to the backup server database, as I don’t want to synchronize the database from the backup to primary server. After I confirm successful synchronization from the encryption clients to the backup server, I plan to put the primary server back in production.


      What I want to know is if I missed anything important? Is there a KB article that outlines the steps that I need to perform?