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    Repository Replication



      I am using epo 4.0 and i have 100 distributed rep, my question is it ok to let them replicate the DAT file only ??


      instead of all the packages, almost all of them are new and yet to be configured as a repository.



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          You can certainly do this if you wish - please be aware however that you will not be able to deploy software to the clients if you do this. For example if you check the VSE install package into the master repository, but do not replicate it to the distributed repos, then if you configure a deployment task to install VSE on the clients they will fail.


          If your clients all have VSE on already and you only need to update the dats, then having dat-only repositories should be fine.


          HTH -



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            if i did it will it remove the package that already were replicated ??

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              Yes, it will, assuming those packages were replicated by ePO previously.


              Please note though that even if the files were not deleted, the client machines would not be able to see them, as the package would not be listed in the catalog file for that distributed repository.


              HTH -



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