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    windows security event log 577 after hips installation


      I am seeing a LOT of event 577 in the windows security log after i install hips I look around and saw that should have been resolved with a previous patch. Is 1159 the latest patch 8 ?


      If yes what could be creating those entry ? the problem is that the customer have a policy that prevent logging in has a user if the security log is full. A admin must clear the log to be able to log in ?


      The also have VS 8.5 installed but those error started when the hips got installed.


      any idea ?



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          Patch 8 is the latest Patch at the moment. The Event Issue was fixed in an earlier patch thats true. However this one could be a Agent Point Product Combination. Normally this was most often seen when running MA 4.5 and VSE 8.7i. As VSE and HIPS have a shared core this might be the same outcome. From this point i assume you see the events disappearing when removing Hips and if it is a combined product issue they would come back when upgrading vse to 8.7 and not installing hips.


          If that would be correct a case should be opened for McAfee Agent Team. As far as i know a fix from Agent side is beeing worked on but if it turns out to be Hips only get a case opened for HIPS.


          best regards