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    Product Features - your wishes?

      I'm interested in hearing feedback from people reading this forum around the following two items:


      1) If you could request 2-3 significant new features for Ironmail/MEG, what would they be?


      2) If you could request a change to how a piece of existing functionality works, what would you pick, how would you change it and why?


      Your feedback will help shape our products in subsequent releases.


      Graham Clarke

      Senior Director of Product Management


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          I'd like to have the ability to sort as many tables as possible by as many different fields as possible.  I'm going from memory here, but it seems like the Group Manager doesn't let you sort by group name, you can only view different groups in the order that you entered them.  I think this is true with the rules for Envelope Analysis also.  There are several locations in the UI where the user has to search through all of the entries line-by-line because there isn't a sort capability on the tables.


          Also, the ability to block PDFs with included Javascript was mentioned as a future feature on the original IronMail support forum, but nothing has been heard about it since that original mention.  There's still a requirement for that feature, along with the ability to add exceptions to the blocks.

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            I would like the GUI session timeout to be longer than it is now, adjustable or no timeout at all.  I find myself logging onto the servers up to a dozen times or more a day.  It is especially frustrating when troubleshooting and I have to continually logon to multiple servers.


            I would like the TrustedSource stats to be included in the 'Message Blocking Report'.


            From the GUI, when doing a Queue search for email and looking at the results, I'd like to have the ESP score as a selectable criteria to be displayed in a column.  I'd be able to tell if the message was possibly delivered, remotely quarantined or dropped based on the score.  This becomes handy when looking at large quantities of emails with the same subject line.

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              Oops, I'd like to update my earlier entry ' I would like the LDAP rejection stats to be included in the Message Blocking Report - the Trusted Source stats are already there'.

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                winative wrote:


                I would like the GUI session timeout to be longer than it is now, adjustable or no timeout at all.  I find myself logging onto the servers up to a dozen times or more a day.  It is especially frustrating when troubleshooting and I have to continually logon to multiple servers.


                Did you know you can set the Administration Inactivity Timeout from 1 to 30 minutes?  Administration > Web Admin Configuration > Settings


                I'd like to be able to set it higher than 30 minutes myself, but I've found 30 minutes to be liveable.

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                  Add to this the possibilite to display the TrustedSource Mailserver score near the IP address of an email in the queue

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                    I cannot live with the 30 minute limit for the GUI session.  It should be up to the user how long they want the session to last and not dictated by the appliance.  We have other types of timeouts that are enforced within our company for session control.

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                      Full ePO integration would be very nice...  It would be great to be able to plug in new hardware, add that appliance to the appropriate ePO policy group, and have the ePO apply all configurations to the new box.  (Just like if you move a VSE client to a different policy group, it takes on all the policies & tasks that apply to that group; and if you have a VSE patch in the Master Repository, it will deploy it to your clients.)  The MEG system administrator would only need to assure that the appliance software is up-to-date and then configure it to talk to the ePO.  The ePO would then configure dictionaries, whitelists, updates, etc by policy.

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                        We would like to have the function interface bonding.


                        When installing Email Gateway Appliances 5500 in our firewall environment we planed to install them dual homed. One interface connected to outside firewall with public IP, the second interface to inside firewall with private IP.


                        When in this scenario one of the interfaces goes down the appliacne will still accept emails from outside or inside, depending on which interface is still up and cannot deliver.

                        So we asked support to configure interface bonding coz our environment is all redundant (switches, firewalls, etc.) and we don´t want to have a SPOF. Support answered that there is no chance to configure interface bonding.


                        In the end we installed the appliances with only one interface (single homed) which does not fit our in our firewall infrastructure.



                        on 22.09.10 13:43:06 MESZ
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                          Since you asked, off the top of my head...


                          1 - Message Stamping doesn't have the flexibility of other compliance filtering areas. We cannot set up source and destination groups for this (specifically for -inbound- stamping).  In other words email coming from GROUPA , inbound to GROUPB, gets a stamp applied.   (Important)


                          2 - Manual SMTP session.   It is immensely helpful to be able to initiate a manual port 25/SMTP session when troubleshooting an issue.   There is no capability to do this.   (minor)


                          3 - Expirations.   Rules are put in place and take on a life of their own persisting through the ages.   The ability to set expiration dates on rules at the outset would be very userful..  (Important)


                          4 - Additional Commenting capability.  Full commenting should be available throughout the product (Rules, applies, groups, dictionaries, quarantines....), additional information should be retained including creation date and creator   (Important)


                          5 - Documentation.  The documentation is basically a printout of the online help.     It would be much more useful if it was expanded with Examples of common scenarios in each area.   (minor)


                          6 - Virtual Hosts.   This is a mis-labeling of what these are.   Virtual Hosts are not sufficiently seperated from each other.  The greatest need is for the ability to define seperately how email domains are handled.   As it stands now, if DOMAINA is assigned to HOSTA, and HOSTB is sent the email to DOMAINA, it is not handled according to the mail routing rules set for DOMAINA.  It is handled using default handling, which is very wrong in some cases.   If this could be setup seperately for each Virtual Host it would be fine, but it cannot.  (Important)


                          7.- Syslog should have an option to retain local logs.  If enabled, local logs cannot be retained (minor)


                          8 - Binary log viewer needs a major user friendliness update.  You know I'm right... (minor)


                          9 - Queue Search - restricted to ~3 days.   The queue search is great, but the ability to extend the duration would be wonderful.   (Important)


                          10 - Quarantine retention and release.  The only way to enable a quarantine to DELETE email after the retention period is to set the period to '0' and let maintenance clean it.  .   A simple checkbox option to DELETE at the end of the retention period instead of releasing would be nice. (minor)


                          11 - File blocking.  It is not possible to strip a file out of an email and replace it with an information message (while forwarding on the original message body) *AND* retain a copy of the complete original email in the quarantine to release if needed,    We want to perform a combination of two actions - QUARANTINE and DROP-PART.  (Important)


                          12 - Message blocking - if messages to USERA are set to quarantine, and the message is sent to USERA and USERB, the quarantine action blocks the entire message.  Neither USERA nor USERB receive it.   An option to quarantine ONLY for the blocked recipient while allowing the email to be forwarded to any others other recipients.  (Important)


                          13 - SMTP OOB alerting ((I know about SNMP and Syslog) .  The ability to set SMTP alerts that take a different path than normal email and are not dependent on the primary mail processing being functional.  e.g. if we are having a superq buildup, generate SMTP alerts that are sent bypassing the superq, and through an alternate/configurable smarthost as well.     That way we don't get these alerts hours later after the problem has been cleared.   (minor)



                          Thanks for listening :-)

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