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    Mcafee & DB2



      A customer of ours is running a DB2 database and Mcafee anti-virus. They report that occasionally their DB2 log files are locking up -- cannot access.  A support person claims that the problem is being cause by Mcafee anti-virus scanning these files.


      Has anyone observed such behavior between Mcafee and Db2?  Or is this a confirmed false rumor?




      Brian P.

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            Most admins would have excluded the DB and DB log files from OAS scanning, this is commonly the case with SQL databases.

            Exclusion by wildcarded location and extension probably



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              Have you  excluded all DB2 and SQLLIB folders?


              Please let me know if this resolves the issue.


              For general exclusion information, see McAfee KnowledgeBas article KB66909 - VirusScan Enterprise exclusions (Master Article).



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                I've passed the message on to the person who will be working this particular problem (they are in Indianapolis and I am at Company HQ in Maryland). I'll post here whether modifying the virus filters helped or not.  It will probably be some time Monday or Tuesday.


                Happy Friday!




                Brian P.

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                  Many thanks for that!


                  Have mailed you further contact details.




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                    Well, the customer has made the changes. It appears that modifying the exclusion will solve any Mcafee-related issues. It may still be some weeks before we know for certain whether Mcafee was the problem in the first place.  Regardless, it's the best solution possible in the circumstances, I think.  In the worst case, excluding DB2 files does no harm.



                    Brian P.

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                      Glad to hear this. I would appreciate if you could keep me posted should anything change.


                      Meanwhile I will prepare a KnowledgeBase article to document this solution.


                      Kind regards