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    Issues with converting DLP 2.2 events to DLP 9 monitor

      Several weeks ago we converted to the DLP 9 monitor while we kept our DLP agents at version (should work with DLP 9).  We are not able to upgrade our DLP agents until next month, in the mean time the DLP 2.2 agents are still writing to the old DLP database.  We tried using the DLP migration tool to convert the DLP 2.2 events, but it seems to fail during the migration and never migrates the new events.  We don't care about the old events, we want to review the new events since the migration.

      We are working with McAfee support on this issue, but just wanted to see if anyone else had a good or bad experience running a mixed environment (DLP 9 console / DLP 2.2 agents) and/or running the DLP migration tool?