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    Security Center 10 doesn't save home network settings

      Hi all!  Two days ago a downloaded SecCtr10 to one of my laptops (Windows 7 Home Premium) that was still using the old Security Center because my other two computers were automatically updated to the new Security Center 10 and I wanted to be able to use the Home Network feature.  I then went through and "trusted" all the components (1 PC running XPsp3, 1 PC running Vista Home Premium, a printer, a Tivo, an iTouch, and my router) and today my Windows 7 laptop is back to square one showing only a router, my Windows 7 laptop and the ip address of my Tivo (even though I had renamed it and changed the icon to an audio/video device).  So I'm guessing I will now need to go through the whole "trusted' bit again which will definitely get old if it continues to do this!  I really miss the old Security Center home network!  It was so easy to use and very reliable.


      Any ideas on why it isn't saving settings?  Also, even though the help file says you can rename your PCs, it doesn't allow you to.  Anybody know what's going on, how to fix this, etc.?


      Hope someone can help.


      Thanks in advance,