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    large files in 16384 folder



      We have Groepshilde 7 for exchange 2007 and we recently started running out of space on a drive on our mail server. After some investigation I found that the \GroupShield for Exchange\Data\GS7MESData\base\16384 folder had grown to over 24 GB. Most of the space is taken by several 1 GB files named like 16451.1, 16451.2, and so on, thes larg files are created rendomly, I mean I can see files with 3 mb and suddenly1gb files again some small files and then larg one.

      I did  set a purge and optimize schedual under Settings and Diagnostics -> Detected items, for daily purg but noting is purged.


      Any idea why these larg files are not purged? can we remove them safely?