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    Active directory name change

      Hello all,

        I am in the process of building up EEM to roll out to different agencies with in my domain, for ease of management each agency has created a group im AD that will synch via the connector to the EEM group.

      Thanks to this forum I got it working and it's great.

      a few things I noticed:

      If I have 1 user in the AD membership and synch to the EEM group it replicates find. if delete the 1 member in the  AD group it   disable it in EEM, however if I have more than 1  it works, example I have 3 users i delete 2 in AD 2 get removed in EEM.

      another issue I have is if I change the account logon name I was not able to see the change in EEM example: Jane Doe has an AD account JDoe the new account was added to the AD group Synchs with EEM and I have the account in the appropriate EEM group, Jane Doe changes her name it's now Jane Smith

      AD account is now changed to JSmith at replication the EEM account is still JDoe

      I do not know if I am missing out on anything or for some reason the connector doesn't recognize the change.

      I thank you all in advanced as I am learning this as I go which i inherited and we want to implement this ASAP I found these forums to be EXTREMELY helpful.

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