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    Facebook virus via adding an application

      I kept getting these notifications that people were commenting on my photos, at one point I stupidly just decided to allow the application. Suddenly I sent like 80 notifications to people saying I commented on there photos. My computer runs slow. I think the google chrome directory is infected. Facebook does not load certain elements through chrome, but it does through firefox. I uninstalled, reinstalled chrome and it said that it could not install it in the normal chrome directory. After an hour of so of use my computer is slow as hell. Of course I've tried a full system scan through Mcafee and it finds nothing. I downloaded hijack this, nothing. When I restart my computer I see a blank screen with a flashing line at the bottom and it stalls for like a minute before it can start. This shouldn't be happening. I've tried seraching and this does not seem like the typical facebook viruses that have been described


      My system information is attached if it's at all relevant. I also attached a hijackthis log