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    Wireless or LAN


      If it is just "you" and you're not going through some form of protection between you and "out there"

      - Is one or the other, wireles or LAN, more "safe" to use?

      - I use McAfee Total Protection, so if I use my wireless should I also have purchased the Wireless Home thing too, or does Total Protection cover both?

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          Assuming you are talking about the consumer products, McAfee protects only the machine that it is installed upon.


          Wireless Home Security is a discontinued product so should not be used as it is no longer updated nor supported.


          If you are a Business/Enterprise user then post your question in the Business section, perhaps under Network Security.


          No mode of connection can be guaranteed safe, it's how you protect your machine that is important and how you surf.



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            ... again, thanks very much.

            (And that answer suits me very well, didn't really fancy having to buy something more!)

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              Sorry, again! clicked the incorrect button.

              Meant to click the "correct answer"!

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                No problem, good luck.