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    Jumping pages and menus

      I am using McAfees latest version but I have jumping pages -like if i were scrolling- up and down or changin menus rapidly in office applications. Not normal but after running McAfee and Stinger still can't find the virus doing this....any suggestions?

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          Hi Ernesto,


          Are you sure it's not your mouse playing up? When they get old,  you sometimes get this problem of mouse stuck in scrolling mode.

          Try plugging a different mouse in your computer to see if the problem goes away.



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            No I am sure it wasn't as I even reinstalled the software and cleaned up the mouse. At night I ran the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and got this on the log:


            Registry Values Infected:
            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Di sallowCpl\1 (Malware.Trace)

            Files Infected:

            C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Data\TFR7D8A.tmp (Trojan.Dropper)


            Why would the McAfee antivirus get infected? Obviously previous runs of the McAfee antivirus came out with a clean scan. Should I review anything else?

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              Can you please submit this file to Mcafee as described here:




              When you get the analysis results, please post them here.




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                This is the report from the web page you indicated, but no specific details, at least for me.


                McAfee Labs - Beaverton
                Current Scan Engine Version:5400.1158
                Current DAT Version:5868.0000
                Thank you for your submission.


                Analysis ID: 5753072

                mbam-log-2010-01-20 (23-00-09).txtinconclusiveno

                inconclusive [ mbam-log-2010-01-20 (23-00-09).txt ]
                Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code capable of being infected. Your submission is being forwarded to an Avert Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by AVERT through e-mail with the results of that analysis

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                  Well, that's consistent with your clean scans. This responce means that one of our analysts is going to look at your submission in depth,

                  so we should wait for the results.


                  You have submitted the C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Data\TFR7D8A.tmp file itself, not just the MalwareBytes log, right?






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                    Nope....I just sent the log, the file was erased when I rebooted and I can't find it.

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                      Unfortunately I couldn't recover the infected file. What worries me is that the McAfee AV got infected and reported clean scans. Though not as much as before I ocassionally still get some jumping pages and lost the scrolling funtion on the mouse. Is there something else I can do?

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                        I am still going over these weird window scrollings up and down in explorer and even excel. I have ran a couple of times SupernatiSpyware and the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The initial scan on Anti-Malware detected and cleaned a Trojan that had infected the McAfee AV; but after updating both third party AV subsequent scans came clean; HOWEVER I still get those fast up and down scrollings. Anyone have any idea what else is there to do?



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                          Can someone at MCAFEE HELP?????? I have had this virus that McAfee left pass to my computer, could not clean, and now it has been days since I asked for help.

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