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    automatic synching epo 4.5 to Active Directory

      How do you go about setting up automatic sync with AD? I show that my server syncs just fine but as far as discovery goes....it will only discover machines if i click the syncronize now button.


      The last time this was done manually was about 2 months ago. I have added about 10 machines since then and they havent had mcafee clients or agents pushed to them automatically. I clicked synchronize now and it found the new machines and installed them just fine.


      how do i set up epo 4.5 to automatically synch with the AD?

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          Hey sir. I think I can help with this one. Open your dashboard and go to menu, automation, server tasks. From here create a new task.  Give it a name to let you know its an AD Sync Task. Click the down arrow and choose the first option for Active Directory Sync task / NT domain. Choose either all sync points or selected sync point.  Complete the regular scheduling configurations and you should be good to go.


          Hope this helps,