Background scanning and safe file marking

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Running full scans on my computer takes a long time and uses considerable resources. I often end up cancelling and as a result the last files to be scanned are obviously going to be less protected. I understand files get checked as I use them but that may not be enough. Here are some proposals:


Continuously scan files (very slowly) and timestamp them. Go over every terabyte in a week or so. Monitor I/O usage to decide when and how quickly to scan the next files. I imagine a virus scanner is an I/O bound application so change the scanning speed depending on the system load and give the background scanner a very low priority in comparison to other processes. There's no need to rescan large files like movies, music, development projects every time especially if they aren't used regularly. Scan files in order of priority or in a random order. Make sure people with malicious intent can't find out where to hide their malware. Handle scanning like a core component of the system and use proper scheduling algorithms.


I believe this system would be safer and better for the image of the company. Less consumers would relate the mcafee name to that annoying program running at full CPU every friday.


These were my suggestions.


Thanks for your time,


Michiel A.


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