Task Schedules should be given names

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Not being able to name the Schedules for tasks is creating issues.


  Let give an example.  I have task  Daily Content update that is configured for the delivery of the DAT and HIPS content.   I want to deliver it on different schedules to Laptops, Desktops, and servers.   Laptops and desktops are scattered all over the system tree, but they are all tagged.   I can create two schedules at the top of tree and filter them to go just to Laptops and just Workstataions, much like I could do in ePO 4.5..   But when I look at the assigned tasks at the top of the tree they look Identical.   I can not quickly tell what each is for.  If they had a name, I could give them a descriptive name.   I will have to open them one by one to look to find the right one if need change one schedule..   I can not from the name give myself a clue that I accidently created two schedules to do the same thing.   Names carry information about what is unique about an item.


This also gets to be an even bigger problem with ON Demand scans.   Laptops, workstations, thin clients, registers, and multple server uses all with their own schedules.   Except for the servers exclusions tend to pretty uniform so the catalog idea works well.  But I need to be able to tell quickly what schedule is for group.


My alternative is to create two task objects with different names.  But then I have just lost all the advantage of the task catalog.


Filtering by Tags for tasks was great step forward.  Extending the concept to Policies is creating exciting possibities for more efficient management and few mistakes.  Tags and catalogs have and will save countless hours.   We just need this one additional step to make it really useful.




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