Fix the Platinum portal

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The timeouts on the Platinum portal are not effective and cause needless problems.

Example 1.   I was just in submitting a ticket via the portal.   Filled out a number of fields and was working on the description.   I was switching back and forth between the portal and my ePO looking up the exact details.   Adding verbage to the description.  This was going on for about 5 minutes.  Came back to enter more stuff after being away no more that 15 seconds to look something up and I was timed out for inactivity.  LOST EVERYTHING IN THE TICKET.   


Example 2.  When looking up stuff in the Knowledge base I often get timed out,  even while never leaviing the portal page.   If one takes the time to read several KB articles that is all it takes.   If I take the time to read something that is interesting but off my assigned target it can consume enough time to time me out.   The 30 second warning NEVER HAS WORKED ANY TIME IN THE LAST 4 YEARS.    This simple discourages one from using your KB database.


These would seem like simple fixes.




Herb Smith


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