Hello Folks!


The SiteAdvisor team is happy to announce our latest preview, McAfee SiteAdvisor Social  - an exciting new feature for Windows users!  Specifically, we added in color-coded risk ratings for external links in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.  For now, we're limiting this functionality to Windows and the social networking sites listed, but eventually we'll look at bringing this same functionality to different operating systems and platforms if user feedback is positive.


We'd love for you to preview the SiteAdvisor Social functionality and let us know what you think.


Just follow the three steps below to obtain SiteAdvisor Social for Windows preview and provide feedback.

  1. From your Windows PC, go to https://sadownload.mcafee.com/products/SA/beta/saSetup.exe
  2. Follow the installation prompts.  It doesn't matter if you have SiteAdvisor already installed or not.
  3. Tell us what you think! Like it? Share ideas for improvements or new features requests we should add?


Thank you for your time to preview and improve McAfee SiteAdvisor Social. Our utlimate goal is to find new ways to better protect you while you're on the web.  If you have ideas on how to make SiteAdvisor Social better, or you just want to share your opinion after using the product, we'd love to hear from you.  Try it today, we are eager to hear your feedback!




on behalf of the McAfee SiteAdvisor Team