Guys, this is a big release.  You're now able to migrate encrypted systems across ePO servers.  If this was holding up your upgrade to ePO 5.3 or 5.1, now's the time to upgrade!

Drive Encryption (DE) 7.1 Patch 3 (7.1.3) is now available. This release includes new features, fixes, and enhancements including:

  • System transfer of encrypted DE systems across ePO servers
  • Detect and notify of password changes in Windows Active Directory
  • Remove DE Duplicate Users via ePO
  • Auto power down preboot
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 support
  • Ignore DE password rules during password sync for Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Enhanced support for UEFI high resolution screens
  • Windows 10 ready - See KB84419 for details (

To download DE 7.1.3, go to the McAfee downloads site at:

For details of the new features and a complete list of the fixes for this release, see the Release Notes in PD25632:

For a list of known issues, see KB84502: