You can now protect your online photos in smartphones and tablets for free and share a special moment at any time or place with just a couple of taps. Try this new version of our app in your device and protect your images with the mobile version of McAfee Social Protection.


To install the app you can read this QR code and follow the link:



If you don't have a QR code reader installed in your Android device don't worry. Just search "McAfee Social Protection" in Google Play or click here. Once you installed it just look for the McAfee Social Protection icon within your apps and click on it.


To upload your first photo click on the Upload button and select wether you want to use an existing image already in your cell phone or if you want to take the photo from the camera at that precise moment.



Then, give the album a new name, or if you already used the app (desktop or mobile version), select the existing album where you want to include the photo. After doing so, you're ready to select the people you want to share the photo with. You can choose one or more of your friends or just share it with all your Facebook friends at once. They will see your photo but they will not be able to download, repost or screen-capture it.



Finally, click OK to inform the selected friends that they have a protected photo waiting for them.




Give it a try and please let us know what you think. This is a beta version so your feedback will help us improve the product.