Thanks to your feedback we decided to simplify the processof protecting your photos. We recently deployed some changes in the way the application works to make it simpler to visualize which images you are sharing publicly via Facebook and which photos you’re sharing with some of your Facebook friends through McAfee Social Protection.


From now on the protected albums will be available just in the McAfee Social Protection app, separately from the public albums that you upload to Facebook. That way your Facebook albums will have the images you don’t mind to share without any restrictions and your McAfee Social Protection albums will have those photos that you want to control, avoiding copies, re-posts, etc.


How your friends will see this? When you share a photo with McAfee Social Protection your friends will see a post in their newsfeed and the activity in the ticker indicating that you have protected an album. If they click on this notification, they will be taken to the app to see theprotected photo.


That way, don’t matter how many albums you have or how much time passed since you took those photos you will never have doubts about which albums are protected and which albums are not.