Have you ever shared a photo with a couple of friends and wondered what would happen if that photo went public?


Have you uploaded a picture of yours to Facebook hoping that a particular person never sees it?


Have you ever thought why some pictures suddenly become viral and get to almost every computer around the globe?


McAfee Social Protection lets you safeguard your Facebook photos by allowing you to control exactly who can view them. When you upload your photos using the app, your photos will appear blurry and indistinguishable to people you don't know. What's more, no one -not even your friends and family who you've granted access to your photos- can save, print, download or screen-capture them. In short, your photos, stay your photos.


With this simple Facebook app you're able to take control of your online presence by safeguarding the images you share through Facebook.


We're in beta testing right now, so that's why your comments and feedback is crucial for us.


The ability to protect your photos in Facebook is just our first step. We will keep working to add other capabilities and also to support all the rest of the social networks, so that you have an intuitive, easy and effective way of controlling your online reputation.


Stay tuned, there are lots of things to come.